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What is the Goal?

To set you on a realistic path not only to publication, but to becoming a career author. Together we develop your novel to make it sufficiently competitive in the current marketplace while also providing you with the network and one-on-one opportunity to place your work in commercial markets (including TV and film) via professionally managed pitch sessions, and in particular, ones that allow ample post-pitch discussion time.

See more details on participation benefits here.

How Big and How to Apply?

The New York Write to Pitch 2022 ranges between 45 and 65 total writers depending on the season. We keep the conference intentionally small compared to the usual big writer conferences, and for good reason: our methods and overall strategy would be compromised if we did otherwise. All writers are partitioned into workshops grouped by genre and all writers interact with conference professionals in an environment that is not only quiet and relaxed, but private. Application to the conference can be accomplished here.

Where and Where to Stay?

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All New York Write to Pitch events take place at the famous Ripley Greer Music and Theater Studios on 520 Eighth Avenue. The studios are conveniently located a few blocks from Penn Station. More information can be found here. If you want a convenient hotel, the New Yorker is only blocks away from the conference location, however, there are many accommodations possible in the immediate area and at BETTER RATES with BETTER ROOMS.

We use HOTWIRE.COM to book hotels in downtown Brooklyn, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, etc., however, another tactic is to look for deals on sites like HOTELS.COM and then call the hotels directly. Sometimes you will discover the hotel direct rates are cheaper! Yes, strange how that works on occasion.

As Frommers says, "Go uptown, downtown, or to an outer borough. The advantages of a Midtown location can be overrated, especially when saving money is your object. The subway can whisk you anywhere you want to go in minutes; even if you stay on the Upper West Side, you can be at the ferry launch for the Statue of Liberty in about a half-hour. You'll not only get the best value for your money by staying outside the Theater District, in the residential neighborhoods where real New Yorkers live, but you'll have a better overall experience: You won't constantly be fighting crowds, and you'll have terrific restaurants nearby, see what life in the city is really like.

Lodgings in Brooklyn and Queens offer particularly good savings."

There are also reasonable and very good accommodations just across the river in New Jersey. During peak season in NYC, a nice room in nearby Jersey City, Newark, or elsewhere, makes a lot of sense.

CHECK FOR THOSE BELOW THAT HAVE SHUTTLES INTO MANHATTAN. Also, if you use UBER or LYFT instead of NYC cabs, you'll save money on transport. More on Jersey hotels as follows:
What Precisely is the "Pitch"?

A diagnostic and developmental tool for exploring the depths of the novel and its many elements, assisting to improve said elements as needed, and once accomplished, as a means of artfully communicating a marketable commercial story to professionals in the business.

How is This Conference Different?

Like other Algonkian writer events, in several ways, as follows. See the Benefits and Perks page for more elaboration.
  • All events begin before you arrive and continue after you depart with pre-event and post-event novel development study forums.
  • Demonstrable track record of writer publication.
  • Sufficient time for productive dialogues with faculty (no three-minute timers).
  • MS and prose narrative critiqued by professionals only.
  • Extensive story and pitch prep prior to sessions with agents or publishers.
  • Focus on market-positioning, high-concept story premise, and competitive execution.
  • Less focus on "key note speakers" and panels, more on actual productivity.
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Dates and Times?

New York Write to Pitch 2022 take place four times a year in June, September, December, and March. Events begin at 9:00 AM on Thursday and conclude by 2:00 P.M. on the following Sunday for a total of four days. If you are flying in, plan for arrival by Wednesday night, and departure on Sunday evening, or thereafter. Current live event dates can be found on our application and registration page.

NOTE: information found on this page applies also to upcoming conferences.

What Should I Bring?

As a conference participant your laptop isn't mandatory, though it is a good idea. You must at least bring writing materials. Don't bother transporting your entire manuscript, rather bring a flash drive if you wish, or just a copy on your pc, or Google Docs. Most editors or agents will ask for the ms, or samples, to be sent following the conference (who wants to lug 20 pounds of paper out the door?).

Dress Code?

The conference dress code is casual or business casual. No need to dress up! We want you to remian as relaxed as possible.

Lobbying Faculty

Please note that any and all contacts with publishing house editors, agents, or other professionals--whether by mail, phone, or other means--are not allowed before or after the event, i.e., unless and until a specific faculty member has requested that you submit your work to them. If you have any questions about this issue, please speak with your workshop leader.

What Does the Schedule Look Like?

See the event schedule page for detailed information.

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