2024 Application and Registration

Registration - What Does it Include?

LIVE NYC SEPTEMBER 19 - 22, 2024

Registration for the Write to Pitch 2024 can be accomplished here following successful application to the conference. Utilize this event application page for the live event in New York.

The total registration is $895.00. This conference fee covers all event pitch sessions, workshops, prose critiques, materials, studio usage, pre-event assignments, pre-event classes, online forum registration, faculty consults, and the post-event Algonkian Novel Writing Program. There is no other fee pertaining to the conference, pre-conference, or post-conference.

Following registration, writers will receive access to development and marketing forums as well as the pre-event e-Book guide and logins to the post-event editorial program.

Notes and Registration Links

Due to the relatively small size of our conferences held quarterly, and the large amount of applications we receive each week, a tight inventory going forward must be maintained, therefore, we ask that successfully accepted writers register for the conference within three business days after receiving acceptance. However, if not possible, we ask that said writers get back promptly and inform us if they wish to postpone registration for whatever reason, thus allowing a conference reservation to be maintained.

Event Registration

Make certain you have filled out and submitted this event application page before engaging in the registration process. The fee covers all events and benefits as noted in section I of this web page ("Registration - What Does it Include?"). There is no other fee pertaining to the conference or pre-conference.

Incremental Registration

If you are between the ages of 18 and 25, or undergoing medical or financial hardship, you can register in increments. Writers seeking more information can contact us. Balances will be due 30 days prior to the event or at such time the event organizers decide based on enrollment.

Full access to pre-event development forums, guidelines, instructional materials, and formal programs will be available once the full registration fee is paid.

Refund Policy : Registration refunds up to 30 days prior to event. Following that date, writers can reschedule for a later event of their choosing at no extra cost. Deposits are also refundable 30 days prior to the event unless the writer has utilized the pre-event novel development forums in preparation for the event. Deposits are also transferable to a future event of the writer's choice.