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The New York Write to Pitch 2023 is an evolutionary enhancement of the New York Pitch Conference (more below). Its array of programs and methodology provoke aspiring authors into developing, refining, and pitching their novels in such a manner as to greatly increase their chances of becoming published. Genres include serious and light women's fiction, suspense women's fiction, mystery, crime, thrillers (all sub-genres), historical fiction (all eras), YA and adult science fiction and fantasy (all sub-genres), horror, suspense, general fiction, upmarket, and literary.

Like its popular New York Pitch Conference predecessor, this event is held four times a year and features successful commercial agents, TV/Film content seekers and producers, as well as accomplished acquisition editors from major houses and renowned presses such as Penguin, St. Martins, Harper Collins, Tor, Del Rey, Kensington, and many more, all actively searching for new novels and voices in a variety of genres.


NY Pitch Conference v.2.0

The New York Pitch Conference birthed a lot of careers, educated hundreds more, and at a minimum resulted in several score fitted for the brass ring. However, the demands of productivity and adaptation inevitably pushed the Algonkian Conferences to make important changes going forward into 2023.

It was unquestionably more beneficial to retain the best aspects, the core of the New York Pitch, and work towards a pragmatic goal of enhancement rather than replacement. As a result, the scope and depth of the event has been improved, provided with a responsive face, and road tested with agents and publishers. The result? A new and potent hybrid known as the "New York Write to Pitch 2023," an event that successfully combines the best features of two previous Algonkian conferences that endured for decades: the New York Pitch and the Write to Market Conference in California.

And btw, if you're looking for reviews, "They Won't Stop Talking!" features observations and testimonials by successful pitch conference writers and authors.

There are no great writers, only great rewriters.
- NY Pitch Motto

Event Benefits & Writer Types

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What are the perks and advantages of the New York Write to Pitch 2023? Is it primarily for pitching? No. More precisely, it's for developing novels to make them sufficiently competitive while also providing authors with the network and one-on-one opportunities they need to place their work in commercial markets (including TV and film) via professionally managed pitch sessions, and in particular, ones that allow ample post-pitch discussion time with the faculty. In summary, the goal is to set you on a realistic path not only to publication, but to becoming a career author.


But Who Benefits Most?

Writers Who Need a Frank Reality Check. You've been working on your novel for a few months, or a few years, and you feel you need a reality check to determine whether or not you are on the right track. Perhaps you are not sure about the premise or evolution of the plot, or you've received conflicting or potentially bad advice from too many amateurs. Reality check time. The publishing house editors and other commercial veterans at the event will be analytical and frank with you, but best to evaluate yourself first and shed whatever thin skin remains.

Writers With a Complete or Near Complete MS

If you have a complete or near complete novel ms or narrative non-fiction and you feel it is ready to pitch to an editor or agent, the Write to Pitch Conference is organized and designed to benefit you in a number of different ways. See the event schedule page for more detailed information. However, if you are early stage or at mid-point, you might choose to attend because you've wisely realized you need guidance on shaping your novel (see "Frank Reality Check" above).


From the Heart, but Smart.
- Algonkian Motto

"New York Write to Pitch 2023: Development Guideposts and Crucial Craft Prior to Novel Pitching"

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A compilation of articles drawn from Act I of the schedule. Every attendee needs to order a copy and read it insofar as possible prior to the event. The book addresses the most vital core points that will be discussed in the context of each writer's novel. From relatively simple matters of proper title choice to polished interior monologue, it's all here.

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